Pet Choices for Children with Separated and Divorced Parents

Like others, children with separated and divorced parents pine for pets. Children's relationships with pets are great for nurturing positive character traits like responsibility and help them develop resilience to deal with life stress. For instance, the military supports programs for pets for children with a parents posted abroad(see:

Child of Divorce + Poor Community Integration=Smoking Adolescent and Adult

A Child of Divorce + Poor Community Integration = A Smoking Adolescent and Adult - Bibliography

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Children of Divorce linked Heart Disease, Cancer & Diabetes

A new study from the University College London (UCL) again confirms that the social effects of divorce have life long impacts on children whose parents divorce. With data collected from 7, 462 people in the 1958 National Child Development Study, the study showed that children below 16 whose parents' divorced had 16 per cent higher levels of C-reactive protein by age 44.

C-reactive protein is an inflammatory marker found in blood samples. Long-term raised C-reactive protein is a known risk factor for diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancer and type II diabetes.

Cyber Monday 2013

Cyber Monday is all about getting great computer offers. The Fair Parenting Project is making this offer:

The Fair Parenting Project helps separated parents make the best possible choices for their children. On Cyber Monday this means making smart choices for your child. People worry about consistency between the homes of a child with separated parents. Diet, sleep and bed time routines often come to mind. It does not end there.

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