Resolution services

The Fair Parenting Project offers efficient and economical resolution to questions or impasses for parents who are following the Fair Parenting Schedule.

The resolution model is based upon a hybrid of:

  1. Advocacy,
  2. Parenting coordination; and
  3. Arbitration.

Trained and experienced professionals will assist parents with interpreting or making a decision with respect to the application of the Fair Parenting Schedule to a particular situation.

Many times, a problem arises from an outside agency (for example school bus schedules or daycare rules) that can be resolved by educating the agency with respect to the Fair Parenting Project.

Typical areas where assistance with decision making is required are:

  • School selection
  • Mobility Issues
  • Daycare
  • School Busing
  • Holiday Division
  • Vacations
  • Sports & Activities

Because the Fair Parenting Project has experience dealing with the Schedule and the common types of issues that can arise, parents receive quality, fair, and economical assistance with decision making and resolution of issues.

To initiate a referral to the Fair Parenting Dispute Resolution Service, each parent must complete the attached intake form. Further details are on the intake form.

To pay for your resolution services, you must be logged in. After logging in, please select the "Pay for resolution services" button and follow the payment instructions.