Certified Fair Parenting Professional Membership

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Certification to become a Fair Parenting Professional requires six hour of training and completion of an exam.

Social Workers*, Lawyers, Mediators*, Police*, Teachers*, Judges, Law Graduates* and Clergy* are eligible for certification. The training includes: - Rules and Regulations of the Fair Parenting Plan- Roles and Powers of a Referee- Conflict of interest - Making and Reporting a Decision- Appeals- Community Advocacy- Jurisprudence- Safety, Domestic Violence + Child Protection.

*Graduates of three year university and college programs or graduate programs.


Benefits of becoming a Certified Fair Parenting Professional

Practice Benefits:

Receive training to make rulings for the Fair Parenting Project (Training commences November 18, 2013. Online training will be available December 1, 2013 must be completed within 30 days of commencing membership).

Provide your clients with the best and most up-to-date professional services;

Meet your professional obligations if your practice regularly involves custody, access and parenting issues within a Fair Parenting Community;

Be a leader in your community;

Make your practice more manageable, efficient and humane;

Help your clients and their children get the most out of life;

Expand your practice through offering Fair Parenting Resolution services (exclusive to Fair Parenting Professionals); and

Be included in the Fair Parenting Professional Directory.

Third Party Benefits:

  • Access to discount extended health benefits (Ontario only)
  • Home & property insurance group pricing (Ontario only)
  • Insurance: life, disability, critical illness group pricing (Ontario only)
  • Mortgage discounts (free appraisal ($300.00 value and discount rates) (Canada only)
  • Babysitting services – group discount (Canada only)
  • Car repair discounts (Ottawa / Eastern Ontario region)
  • Commercial liability, property, e&o and d&o insurance (Ontario only)

PLUS : Regular Fair Parenting Member Benefits

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