Sharing Expenses and Savings with Your Ex

The expense of children’s clothes and sports equipment is a constant issue for any parent’s budget. When parents are separated, who pays for what becomes an ongoing communication- balancing the fairness of each parent’s contributions and the needs of each child.

A difference in philosophy and values was part of what caused parents to separate in the first place. There should be no surprise when separated parents clash respecting children’s involvement in sports and activities as well as each parent’s ‘thriftyness’ factor.

Typical debates:

·       Should a child have new or used sports equipment?

·       The ‘best of the best’ equipment or off the rack at the big box store?

·       What is enough? Does a child need a team sweatshirt when she already has the team jacket and hat?

Reasonable parents can disagree and there is no one best answer.

One way of dulling the pain for a parent that is thrifty by nature or feeling a financial pinch is reselling the child’s clothes and equipment after they have outgrown them or otherwise turned their attention elsewhere.

For separated parents, sharing the rewards of reselling this ‘stuff’ is important to fairness and maintaining (or developing) an ongoing relationship of respect and trust. One father, Steven, shared the expense of new hockey skates and equipment with Nancy, his ‘ex’ for their son Tyler. It was only after the third year that he learned Nancy had been reselling Tyler’s old equipment and skates for about 50% of their new price. He felt ripped-off and deceived. Trust was lost.

Talk to your ‘ex’ about reselling sports equipment, musical instruments and clothes on through specialized businesses dedicated to this task. is an online service for reselling your outgrown clothes or finding great deals from others. offers online and offline solutions in most locations across North America.

Parents can establish accounts that are mutually visible to provide openness, reassurance and foster trust. The time commitment for using these sites is quite minimal. Further, they are the most effective and safest way of reselling.

These sites are invaluable is placing a value on clothes and sports equipment that is saved for or acquired from step or half-siblings. This is also common sore point for separated parents. Removing the guesswork makes life easier.

Bottom line – be open with communications and take advantage of saving a penny.