Say 'No' to Parking Lot Transfer for Children

Exasperated family law lawyers and overworked Judges often end up prescribing ‘parking lot’ exchanges for children of newly separated or high conflict parents.

Parking lot exchanges are generally inhumane, traumatizing and embarrassing for children. For parents, in person exchanges are very stressful and difficult for one or both spouses. For community members, such exchanges can be awkward, troubling, stressful, and confusing.

It is disturbing to see people fight and argue; and even more so when children are traumatized.

The Fair Parenting Project is an advocate for at school transfers for transferring children with separated parents between their two homes. With one parent making arrangements to get a child to school, daycare or summer camp and the other parent facilitating the after school pick-up on transfer days, the child:

  • is shielded from adult issues and parental conflict;
  • not subject to stress;
  • has more opportunities to engage in community activities without an evening or weekend exchange; and
  • enjoys a normalized childhood.


The Fair Parenting Project is asking members of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association to endorse the following resolution:

“Members of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association value their employees, their customers, and the children in their communities; as such, the Members do not wish their properties to be used as regular custody/access exchange locations for children.”

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