Note Respecting BILL C-560

Member of Parliament Maurice Vellacott is the sponsor of Bill C-560. The Fair Parenting Plan is consistent and in compliance with the proposed legislation setting forth a rebuttal presumption of equal parenting time. In fact, the Fair Parenting Project’s initiatives and the Fair Parenting Plan bolster the intent of the new proposed legislation by removing community barriers to shared parenting.

The Fair Parenting Project is in the process of reviewing the proposed legislation.

Current reservation:

The proposed section of the Bill C-560 respecting factors to consider in making an order is not supportable in its current state. The section reads:

(7) In making an order under this section in a case where subsection (5) applies, the court shall have regard to

(c) the working schedules of the spouses and availability of child care services.

This section should instead be amended to consider available community based parenting plans, such as the Fair Parenting Plan. Currently under both federal and provincial human rights legislation, work schedules and children’s service providers must make accommodations for family status. Enacting the legislation as is would reverse the hard fought advances brought about by the Fair Parenting Project and other parents with shared custody who have litigated and lobbied for systemic changes.

Please review and submit comments respecting Bill C-560.