Cyber Monday 2013

Cyber Monday is all about getting great computer offers. The Fair Parenting Project is making this offer:

The Fair Parenting Project helps separated parents make the best possible choices for their children. On Cyber Monday this means making smart choices for your child. People worry about consistency between the homes of a child with separated parents. Diet, sleep and bed time routines often come to mind. It does not end there.

Children with two homes are in difficult situations when they have different computer environments at each of their homes. Homework becomes a quagmire of file transferring, design features are lost, and the simplest things take time. Imagine if your boss had you work in Mac OS half the time and then Windows the other half. This is no small issue for children already facing a bevy of logistical hurdles. Unfortunately, whether through oversight, parents outdoing each other or malice, these situations crop-up more often than logic dictates.

The Fair Parenting Project has teamed up with one of Canada’s leading discount computer stores, to offer an extremely competitive student laptop package to children with separated parents only if both parents agree to maintain a Windows environment.

The template agreement is offered for free, regardless of where you purchase your child’s computer.

Free template agreements are also available for separated parents to agree upon an Apple / Mac OS environment. Please – spend your money wisely and move your child ahead.

The Fair Parenting Project promotes a standardized parenting plan within its target communities and helps children with two homes integrate with community services (child care, school bus, etc. ) and activities (sports, arts, music, etc.). To order of for more information go to

The package:


Hard Drive 160GB


Screen size 14.1"

3 Year warranty

Microsoft Office School pack

Dell 6410
Dell 6410

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