Carleton Place Success Story

In 2011, the Fair Parenting Project was started by family lawyer Eric Letts and physician Dr. Lauren Donen (child and adult psychiatry). With the cooperation of all of the family lawyers in Carleton Place, a mixed rural/urban community, the Fair Parenting Project promoted one particular parenting plan. Within two and a half years, the Fair Parenting Project has become so popular that there are enough children on the same schedule to allow community activities and services to cater to the one common schedule. The Town of Carleton Place has passed a bylaw to endorse the project, children’s services, such as day cares are making small but important changes to their policies and schedules, and regional sports leagues are adjusting their schedules to align with the Fair Parenting Plan. At no cost other than good planning, children are more involved in their communities, learning critical social skills in sports and having fewer conflicts between their parents' homes.