About the Fair Parenting Project

The Fair Parenting Project is a an initiative taking a community approach to parenting plans; the rules and schedules for children with separated parents.


The Fair Parenting Plan's founders are Eric Letts, a family law attorney and Dr. Lauren Donen, M.D., a child and adult psychiatrist.

In their respective practices, Eric Letts and Dr. Lauren Donen witnessed patterns in the conflicts and disputes separated families experienced. Many of those disputes had no solution between a child's two homes because our communities have policies and schedules for children with one home. Daycares, sports/arts groups, school bus, other services and activities for children made some allowances, but have a hard time catering to children with two homes. When there is no consistency or uniformity in parenting plan schedules, integration is not possible or efficient.

In Fair Parenting Communities, separated parents opt onto the Fair Parenting Plan, providing a common parenting plan around which community services and activities can program. This leads to higher integration of children with two homes into community services. It makes life much better for children, parents and the service providers.

The Fair Parenting Plan is offered on this website without charge. Fair Parenting Professionals are available to assist parents establish the Fair Parenting Plan, resolve scheduling disputes and advocate for change within your community.

Parents are also invited to join Fair Parenting's premier membership which includes integration, discounts and special offers for particularly designed for separated parents and children on the Fair Parenting Plan.

Fair Parenting Communities


  • A commonly adopted, evidence based, professionally designed best practices model parenting plan - the Fair Parenting Plan;
  • Community sports, music, arts, and service organizations whose schedules integrate with the Fair Parenting Plan; 
  • School bus / transportation service integrated with the Fair Parenting Plan (pending in some communities); 
  • Daycare facilities committed to providing 1/2 week daycare spots for children on the Fair Parenting Plan; and
  • Community / Municipal commitment to integrating community services and activities with the Fair Parenting Plan.

Fair Parenting Community Building Process